Learn 7 Trending Nail Art Designs Masterclass

29 Feb 2024 to 07 Mar 2024
1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
Deep Kanwal
5446+ Students | 226 Courses
Learn 7 trendiest nail art designs with this super exciting Masterclass !
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Day 1
- Learn to take pretty different colours from the rainbow perspective along with learning to make colourful and gorgeous rainbow waves concept of nail art.
Day 2
- Learn the most amazing and attractive cat eye nail art.
- Know how to create the unique effect of cat eye with gel eye polish and magnet.
Day 3
- Discuss about various possible kinds of animal prints done on nails along with making our all time favourite animal print art.
Day 4
- Learn to create simple yet classy Matte Nails along with knowing how it changes in the lamp.
Day 5
- Learn how to do the the texture effect of bubbles using simple products and techniques.
- For this technique you will require simple nail polishes, some hand soap and water!
Day 6
- Know how to make realistic and gorgeous marble effect for nails using basic colours inspired from real objects and tiles.
Day 7
- Discuss about various kinds of French nail arts designs and know how to create this art using simple tools and techniques.
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