Advance Lamasa Art Masterclass

04 Jul 2024 to 08 Jul 2024
3:00 PM to 4:00 PM
95+ Students | 6 Courses
Advance Lamasa Art
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Day 1 - Making Keychains and Fridges Magnets
"Explore Lamasa crafting to create charming keychains and fridge magnets, adding personalised touches to your everyday items."
Day 2 - Making sindoor dabbi
"Discover Lamasa techniques to craft traditional Sindoor Dabbis, adding cultural elegance to your handmade creations."
Day 3 - Making Bracelets
"Learn the art of bracelet making: from choosing beads to crafting intricate designs, unleash your creativity in jewellery crafting."
Day 4 - Decorative Frames and Mirrors
"Master the art of crafting decorative frames and mirrors, adding elegance and charm to your living spaces with personalized touches."
Day 5 - Decorative Tray
"Discover the art of crafting decorative trays, adding elegance and functionality to your home décor with personalised designs."
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