Advance Russian Sculpture Art Masterclass

25 Jul 2024 to 31 Jul 2024
5:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Puja Chhawchharia
335+ Students | 5 Courses
Advance Russian Sculpture Art: Masterclass
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Day 1 - Magnolia Flower
"Explore the creation of Magnolia Flowers in Russian Sculpture Art, mastering techniques to capture the beauty and delicacy of these blooms."
Day 2 - Lotus For Name Plate
"Master crafting Lotus designs for personalized name plates, adding elegance and symbolic meaning to your home decor."
Day 3 - Rose for Clock
"Discover how to craft intricate roses for clock decorations in Russian Sculpture Art, adding timeless beauty and elegance to your decor."
Day 4 - Peony Flower for wall Decor
"Delve into Russian Sculpture Art to master crafting Peony Flowers for stunning wall decor, adding timeless elegance and floral beauty to your space."
Day 5 - Bird on Cherry Tree Key Holder
"Explore the art of Russian Sculpture to craft a beautiful Bird on Cherry Tree Key Holder, blending nature-inspired elegance with functional design."
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