Advanced Aroma Candle Making Masterclass

22 Jul 2024 to 26 Jul 2024
3:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Sonal Sahani
123+ Students | 6 Courses
Advanced Aroma Candle Making: Masterclass
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Day 1 - Introduction to Different Aroma.
"Welcome to a world of diverse aromas! Explore scents ranging from floral and citrusy to woody and spicy for sensory delight."
Day 2 - Learn about the best wax of Aroma Candles Types of Jars/Containers used for aroma Candles.
"Discover the finest wax for aroma candles and explore various types of jars and containers perfect for candle-making.".
Day 3 - Ratio of Aroma and Wax Temperatures for adding Aroma
"Aroma to wax ratio and optimal temperatures for adding fragrance. Master the perfect balance for delightful and long-lasting aroma candles."
Day 4 - Live Demo of Aroma Candles Learn Tie & Dye Technique
"Experience live aroma candle demonstrations. Discover the art of Tie & Dye technique for vibrant and unique creations."
Day 5 - Learn to make Aroma Hurricane Candles
"Master the craft of creating Aroma Hurricane Candles, blending fragrance and ambiance for a mesmerizing and aromatic home atmosphere."
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