Advanced Aroma Candle Making Masterclass

07 Dec 2023 to 12 Dec 2023
1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
1574+ Students | 22 Courses
In this course learn all about crafting candles, Exploring types of aromas in candles, while mastering tie-dye techniques. Discover the secrets of enhancing fragrance and design. Elevate your candle-making skills with us, where creativity knows no bounds. Join the adventure today!
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Day 1
Introduction to different Aromas.
Day 2
Learn about the best wax of Aroma Candles
Types of Jars/Containers used for aroma Candles.
Day 3
Ratio of Aroma and Wax
Temperatures for adding Aroma
Day 4
Live Demo of Aroma Candels
Learn Tie & Dye Technique
Day 5
Learn to make Aroma Hurricane Candles
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