Advanced Resin Art 2.0 Masterclass

22 Jun 2024 to 27 Jun 2024
5:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Harsheet Bhatia
10208+ Students | 30 Courses
Advanced Resin Art 2.0
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Day 1 - Vein Effect in Resin mould.
- Learn vein effect !
- Learn to create beautiful veins in mould.
Day 2 - Marble Effect Resin Art
- Learn Marble effect !
- Learn the art of creating marble effect on base using 2:1 resin.
Day 3 - Geode Layout & Crystals Placement
- Geode layout preparation and crystals placement.
- First layer work.
Day 4 - Line work and detailing on the geode using markers and Sparkles for 3D Effect !
"Discover the art of line work and detailing on geodes using markers and sparkles for a stunning 3D effect in resin art."
Day 5 - Flood coat on the Geode, Working with Acrylic & Resin.
"Master the technique of flood coating on geode art, seamlessly blending acrylic and resin for captivating and vibrant creations."
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