Advanced Resin Art Masterclass

22 Jul 2024 to 26 Jul 2024
4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Akanksha Gupta
10228+ Students | 66 Courses
Advanced Resin Art Masterclass
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Day 1 - Types & Usage of Bases Used in Resin Art
"Begin with an intro to resin art along with learning it's types and their usage.
- Learn about the precautions and safety needed and also learn about different types of bases used in resin art.
Day 2 - Technique of Resin & Latex / Tape, Base Coat Art Work
"Master the preparation of resin bases, including the application of latex or tape for precise designs, and learn base coat techniques for artwork."
Day 3 - 3D Flowers in coaster, Drying Flowers Process, Petri Effect
"Discover the art of crafting intricate 3D flowers in coasters, including the process of preserving flowers for stunning resin creations."
"Explore the significance of the petri effect in resin art, mastering techniques to achieve mesmerizing and unique visual effects."
Day 4 - Galaxy Art in a Tray / MDF Base, Tropical Ocean Art Island Creation
"Explore the mesmerizing galaxy art on tray or MDF base, mastering techniques to depict cosmic wonders in resin creations."
"Dive into crafting tropical island scenes for ocean art, learning to capture the beauty and serenity of island paradises."
Day 5 - Ocean Making with Wave Creation
"Discover resin art techniques to craft stunning ocean scenes with dynamic waves, adding depth and beauty to your creations."
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