Baking Artistry

15 Jul 2024 to 09 Aug 2024
3:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Minali Zaveri
5000+ Students | 50 Courses
Indulge in the artistry of baking: where flour and sugar become a canvas, and creativity knows no bounds.
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Day 1 - ⁠Introduction to how-tos of baking vanilla & chocolate Sponge
- Introduction to baking vanilla and chocolate sponge cakes.
- Step-by-step guides for mastering both vanilla and chocolate sponge making techniques.
Day 2 - ⁠⁠The complete guide to making whipped cream Icing
"Discover the ultimate guide to whipped cream icing featuring classic and stabilized methods for perfecting your desserts. Learn two techniques for heavenly, fluffy results every time."
Day 3 - ⁠Baking Tutorial: Lemon tea cake with sugar glaze
"Learn to bake a delightful lemon tea cake with a sweet sugar glaze in this tutorial. Elevate your baking skills and treat yourself to a burst of citrusy goodness."
Day 4 - Baking how-to: Marble tea cake swirling
"Unlock the secrets of swirling with our marble tea cake how-to. Combine vanilla and chocolate tea cake mixes for a delightful blend of flavors that's sure to impress every palate."
Day 5 - ⁠Baking how-to: Cheese Cake
"Explore our comprehensive baking guide for crafting the perfect cheesecake, from baking the creamy filling to mastering the art of creating a delectable crust from scratch. Get ready to impress!"
Day 6 - Homemade bread recipe: Fruit & whole wheat bread
"Indulge in homemade goodness with our fruit and whole wheat bread recipe. Enjoy the delightful flavors of tutti fruity and wholesome whole wheat in every slice."
Day 7 - ⁠Icing techniques and Muffins Making
"Master icing techniques: open star, closed star, round, leaf, tapered petal, and basket tips. Plus, learn the art of crafting delicious muffins from scratch. Elevate your baking skills today!"
Day 8 - Baking how-to: Cupcakes
- Master the art of baking flawless cupcakes.
- Indulge in decadent ganache and Nutella toppings for a rich flavor experience.
- Explore the freshness of whipped cream paired with vibrant fruit toppings for a delightful twist on classic cupcakes.
Day 9 - Making how-to: Pudding
- Create rich and velvety chocolate custard pudding entirely from scratch.
- Elevate your dessert with a vibrant and tangy berry compote, adding a burst of freshness to every spoonful.
Day 10 - Building a: ⁠Jar
"Experience the art of crafting: a layered Black Forest jar, a decadent delight featuring rich chocolate, luscious cream, and sweet cherries, all beautifully stacked in a single jar for your indulgence."
Day 11 - Learn to make: Chocolate barks
- Master the art of crafting chocolate barks, a delicious and versatile treat.
- Discover essential techniques for working with compound chocolate.
- Elevate your creations and variations like toffee chocolate bark and cookie cinnamon bake.
Day 12 - Baking Burger buns
- Master the art of baking perfect burger buns from scratch.
- Learn to create soft and fluffy bread rolls, perfect for any occasion.
Day 13 - ⁠⁠Baking a perfect: Brownie
- Indulge in the irresistible delight of gooey chocolate brownies.
- Elevate your brownies with the rich crunch of walnuts for a decadent treat.
Day 14 - ⁠⁠Baking a perfect: Banana bread
"Bake the perfect banana bread using natural sweetness. Learn to make moist and delicious banana bread without white sugar, preserving the wholesome flavor of ripe bananas. Perfect for guilt-free indulgence."
Day 15 - Making How-to: Pizza
- Master the art of making homemade pizza dough from scratch.
- Learn to prepare flavourful pizza and pasta sauces to elevate your homemade Italian creations.
Day 16 - Making How-to soft & easy: Donuts
- Learn the secrets to crafting soft and easy eggless donuts from scratch.
- Elevate your donuts with delectable chocolate toppings for an irresistible treat.
Day 17 - Baking Cookies
- Gooey chocolate cookies
Satisfy your sweet tooth with our irresistible gooey chocolate cookies. Each bite is a perfect blend of rich cocoa and soft, chewy texture, making them the ultimate treat for any chocolate lover.
Day 18 - Baking fancy breads: Babka
- Learn the art of baking exquisite Babka bread from scratch.
- Elevate your Babka experience with a savoury twist: garlic butter infused with cheese for an irresistible indulgence.
Day 19 - ⁠⁠Baking new style: Tarts & fillings
- Master the art of crafting tart dough, the foundation of exquisite tarts.
- Learn to prepare luscious chocolate ganache, a decadent filling for your tarts.
- Elevate your creations with indulgent salted caramel, adding a perfect balance of sweetness and flavour to your tarts.
Day 20 - Making Italian bread: Focaccia
"Explore the art of crafting authentic Italian focaccia from scratch. Dive into the process of creating flavorful, airy bread with a crisp crust, perfect for savoring alone or as a sandwich base."
Day 21 - Chocolate theory with chocolate making: French bonbons
"Unlock the secrets of French bonbon making in our Chocolate Theory workshop. Perfect chocolates for any occasion await, each with a luscious soft center filling. Delve into the decadent world of chocolate bliss!"
Day 22 - Mastering the art of: Vegan macarons
"Dive into the mastery of Vegan Macarons. Learn the art of perfecting macaron shells without eggs, crafting delicate treats that delight both the palate and the conscience. Elevate your baking skills today!"
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