Lamasa Art Masterclass

25 Jul 2024 to 30 Jul 2024
3:30 PM to 4:30 PM
95+ Students | 6 Courses
Lamasa Art: Masterclass
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Day 1 - Introduction and material with dough making
Introduction: "Enter the world of dough crafting! Discover endless creativity with flour, water, salt, and optional ingredients for personalized creations."

Material: "Flour, water, food or Acrylic colour, essential oils. Mixing bowls, measuring cups, utensils for kneading and shaping."
Day 2 - Adding colours and making 5 different types of flowers
"Enhance with colours, create five unique flower varieties. Explore creativity with vibrant hues and diverse floral designs in crafting."
Day 3 - Making different types of leaves
"Craft a variety of leaves using different techniques. Explore creativity with diverse shapes and textures for stunning botanical creations."
Day 4 - Making broach
"Master the art of creating Lamasa brooches, adding elegance and personal style to your accessories with intricate designs."
Day 5 - Making bookmark and Coaster
"Explore Lamasa crafting to create charming bookmarks and coasters, adding personalized touches to your reading and dining experiences."
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