Lippan Art Masterclass

26 Jul 2024 to 31 Jul 2024
4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Rajni Kumar
386+ Students | 5 Courses
Basic Lippan Art Masterclass
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Day 1 - Introduction & Material Required
"Get an intro Lippan Art, an ancient Indian art form known for its intricate mud and mirror work. Discover the materials and techniques used to create stunning wall decor and architectural elements."
Day 2 - Lippan Fridge Magnet - Small Size
"Craft small-sized Lippan Fridge Magnets, blending traditional Indian mud and mirror work to create charming and unique decorative magnets for your refrigerator."
Day 3 - Lippan Coaster
"Craft beginner-friendly Lippan coasters, perfect for exploring the art of Lippan with simple yet elegant designs suitable for all skill levels."
Day 4 - Lippan Work on MDF Board
"Begin your Lippan Kaam journey on a 12-inch MDF base, exploring the traditional Indian art form with intricate mud and mirror work."
Day 5 - Lippan Work on MDF Board
"In the final lesson, you'll complete a stunning Lippan Artwork on an MDF board, showcasing your newfound skills in this traditional Indian craft."
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