Natural Beauty Products Making Combo Masterclass

16 Apr 2024 to 30 Apr 2024
5:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Manali Kawale
10104+ Students | 289 Courses
Natural Beauty Product Making: Masterclass
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Day 1
- Get an intro for natural kajal making along with theory & live demo kajal.
- Clear your doubts with Doubt Solving session and get PDF notes for the same.
Day 2
- Get an intro to natural lipstick along with theory and 1 live demo for Nude Matte Lipstick.
- Clear your doubts in Doubt Solving and get PDF notes for the same.
Day 3
- Get an Introduction to whipped soap with theory and 1 live demo for whipped soap base
- Get 1 live demo for soft clay whipped soap with a doubt solving session and PDF notes.
Day 4
- Get an Introduction to Body Lotion followed by Theory and live demo for 1 type of body lotion
- Solve your queries in doubt solving and get PDF notes for the same.
Day 5
Get an Introduction to face serum along with Theory & live demo of the powerful vitamin C serum
- Get your answers in the Doubt Solving session and get PDF notes.
Day 6
Don't know what to do about lip pigmentation? Learn how to make Lip Whitening Masque at home!
Day 7
- Get an Introduction to foaming face wash.
- Know the Theory & get a Live Demo of foaming face wash along with doubt solving session.
- Pdf notes provided.
Day 8
- Get an introduction to Powder Face wash along with the Theory & live demo of 1 type of Powder Face Wash.
- Ask your queries in Doubt solving session.
Day 9
- Get an Introduction to the fragrant Shampoo Bar with Theory and live demo of 1 type of shampoo bar.
- Doubt Solving session.
Day 10
- Introduction to Eyeshadow colours
- Get 2 live demos of Nude matte eyeshadows along with Vendor details and a doubt solving session.
Day 11
- Get an Introduction to Conditioner and amaze yourself by knowing the ingredients.
- Know to do proper composition building along with knowing the Theory and getting 1 live demo of Silk Protein Conditioner.
- Doubt Solving session.
Day 12
- Gain knowledge in Shower Gel Bases.
- Amaze yourself by getting to know the ingredients.
- Get skilled in composition building by using shower gel base. -
Want glowing skin? Learn with the experts through theory & live demo sessions.
- Clear your mind by clearing your doubts from our experts.
Day 13
- Introduction to Face Gel
- Get to Know the ingredients for face gel
- Learn the ideal way of Composition building with Theory & 1 Live Demo of Face Gel.
- Doubt Solving session.
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