Professional Candle Making Masterclass

26 Jun 2024 to 01 Jul 2024
2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Aarohi Shadija
9539+ Students | 28 Courses
Learn everything from Basic introduction to detailed knowledge of Wax, Wick, Materials required, packaging and Business strategies to start your own candle making business. Make stunning pillar, jar, chunk candles, and much more.
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Day 1 - Introduction to Wax Melts & Sachets Making
- Know what are wax melts & sachets and learn what are they used for?
- Get amazed by learning what materials are used to make wax
Day 2 - Aroma Wax Melt & Sachets
Live demo !
- Learn how to make Aromatic Wax sachets and melts!
Day 3 - Importance of Wick & How to Secure it
Candle-making basics: It's the foundation of any building that makes it strong!
- Get yourself to know about candle making process along with the materials required.
- Know more about the wick and how to put the wick within the candle.
Day 4 - Pillar & Jar Candles Making
- Get to know what are pillar & jar candles along with how do you make them?
Day 5 - Handmade Rose & Chunk Candle Making
- Know how to make beautiful rose candles and chunk candles.
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