Resin Art Masterclass

24 Jun 2024 to 28 Jun 2024
3:30 PM to 4:30 PM
Akanksha Gupta
10228+ Students | 66 Courses
Basic Resin Art Masterclass
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Day 1 - Introduction to Resin Art, Base Making & Moulds
Get an intro to resin art along with learning the precaution and safety needs.
Learn about moulds and their different types and know what mistakes are to be avoided.
Day 2 - Jewellery Making - Pendants & Earrings
"Master the art of crafting resin jewellery. Create adorable pendants and earrings with unique designs and techniques in resin art."
Day 3 - Bookmarks Making
"Discover how to craft two charming types of bookmarks, adding personal flair and creativity to your reading experience."
Day 4 - Keychains Making
"Tired of ordinary keychains? Elevate your style with two unique and supercool keychain designs. Let's craft something extraordinary!"
Day 5 - Coaster Set Making
"Explore the art of creating adorable coaster sets, adding charm and functionality to your home decor. Let's craft some delightful coasters!"
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