Russian Sculpture Art Masterclass

18 Jul 2024 to 24 Jul 2024
5:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Puja Chhawchharia
335+ Students | 5 Courses
Russian Sculpture Art: Masterclass
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Day 1 - Introduction & Material Required
"Welcome to the world of Russian Sculpture Art! Embark on a journey of creativity and tradition through this unique art form."

Material Required:
"To get started, you'll need modeling clay, sculpting tools, armature wire, carving tools, and a sturdy work surface. Let's begin sculpting!"
Day 2 - How to Make Home Made Paste & different types of colour Making
"Learn Homemade Paste Making and Explore Various Methods for Creating Different Types of Colors from Natural and Household Ingredients."
Day 3 - How to use knife introduction & different types of petals & leaves
"Discover the art of knife usage in crafting. Explore diverse petal and leaf varieties, from delicate roses to intricate foliage, for stunning floral creations. Let's begin sculpting nature's beauty!"
Day 4 - Hydrangea flower/ Poppy Flower
"Learn to craft Hydrangea and Poppy flowers, mastering techniques to recreate their unique shapes and vibrant colors for stunning floral arrangements and décor."
Day 5 - Irish Flower & how to made base texture different color shading
"Explore Irish Flower crafting, mastering base texture techniques and color shading for vibrant and realistic floral creations with depth and dimension."
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