Special Baking Combo

14 Dec 2023 to 02 Jan 2024
2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Krishna Purohit
4721+ Students | 94 Courses
Learn how to make delicious and mouth watering dishes with this super exciting combo course !
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Day 1
Tres leches baking
- Learn how to prepare this tasty batter along with knowing how to bake the sponge.
- Know how to prepare the soaking milk and discuss different variations. Finally to it off with garnishing.
Day 5
Learn adorable Red velvet cupcakes!
- Learn to prepare the cupcake batter along with learning the secret for the velvet texture!
- Know the method of pouring and baking along with preparing a creamy cream cheese frosting and decorating the cupcakes.
Day 12
Cheese Cake Jars Making
- Know to prepare the batter for the best loved cheesecake base along with the smooth cheesecake filling.
- Learn the assembling of the jars and freeze them.
Day 15
Macaroons Making
- Have a discussion on how to make Aquafaba and Almond flour at home.
- Learn to make the batter and add some beautiful colours to it.
- Learn piping and baking techniques and cool it down.
- Time to fill and garnish our tempting Macaroons.
Day 14
Cakesicles Baking
- Have a discussion on how to make cake sponge along with preparing the sponge for filling.
- Learn to set the outer layer along with setting it back and demoulding with decorating.
Day 10
Fruit Cake Making
- Learn the technique to line the tin along with preparing the creamy batter.
- Learn to bae the cake with OTG or with gas along with learning to cooling and cutting the fruit cake!
Day 7
Cinnamon Roll Making
- Learn to make the Cinnamon roll dough along with learning to proofing and shaping the dough.
- Know about the baking technique and learn to glaze this delight!
Day 11
Oreo Pudding Baking
- Learn to prepare the base of the all time favourite Oreos along with preparing the pudding centre.
- Assembling and Garnishing the mesmerising dessert.
Day 6
Learn mouth watering Choco Lava!
- Know how to prepare the batter for the mouth watering choco lava cake along with pouring and baking.
- Learn in gas, oven and microwave technique to bake the Choco lava.
- Finally learn to Demould and garnish this delicacy.
Day 9
Almond Oat Cookies Making
- Learn to prepare the dough for healthy cookies along with learning to rolling, baking and cooling the cookies.
Day 13
Pizza Making
- Learn to make the famous pizza base along with learning to proof and shape the Pizza base.
- Time to add the sauce with toppings and finally baking this tasty dish.
Day 2
Chocolate Mousse
With Chocolate
- Preparing of ganache
- Prepping of whipping cream
- Assembling to make a mousse.
- Piping and garnish

Without Chocolate
- Preparing of chocolate sauce.
- Prepping of whipping cream
- Assembling to make a mousse.
- Piping and garnish
Day 4
Learn the all time favourite Swiss Rolls!
- Know how to prep the Swiss roll batter along with knowing to use the lining tray and baking the base.
- Learn to do a thick filling of the Swiss roll along with the rolling and cutting technique for the Swiss roll.
Day 3
Learn delicious Banoffee pie!
- Learn to make the creamy filling along with the crust.
- Learn to assemble the crust and filling along with setting neat layers.
- Know to do the final layering of cream and topping it with garnishing.
Day 8
Black Forest Trifles Making
- Have a discussion on how to make some delicious chocolate muffins along with learning to prepare the whipped cream.
- Learn to assemble the amazing trifle along with garnishing and chilling.
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