20 Ultimate Vodka Brands In India Perfect For Every Weekend Scene

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Magic Moments

Magic Moments starts from the second-biggest refinery in Asia-Radico which itself was built up back in 1943. Magic Moments is refined thrice and is a rice grain gluten-free vodka that propelled back in 2006. Since at that point, it has won itself 36 worldwide grants, not as it were for its variations but also for its taste.


This is named after the Romanov Dynasty that reigned in Russia and comes under the United Spirits Ltd. arm. It comes with 4 flavors- Apple, Orange, Premium & Lemon. Due to its low price, it’s most popular amongst students and reasonable bars. It has a spiciness that makes it even more desirable.


Seagrams' Fuel Vodka is the second biggest Vodka within the select vodka section. The brand simply stands for its uniqueness and energy. The variations of Fuel Vodka that are accessible are – apple, Plain, & orange. Fuel vodka is sifted through an arrangement of uncommonly planned enacted charcoal channels. It can be effectively expended with water, juices or circulated air through drinks.


Vladavir clean taste and remarkable smoothness are because of the triple refining handle concocted by their third era ace distiller. It is made of 100% unadulterated grain and charcoal, sifted to the most noteworthy virtue. That's a Vladi marvelous combination that produces it taste super smooth. Vladivar has great quality was formerly ranked second in the UK.

White Mischief

White Mischief is the biggest offering vodka brand within the nation and secured 48% of the vodka market share in India. White Mischief is publicized as a youthful, flirty fun brand, with its fundamental reason being pulling in the youth. It is made through a preparation where it is triple-distilled to the most noteworthy level of purity so that the taste, flavor, and smoothness adjust with the flamboyance of the youth and vodka devotees.


This vodka is prepared by 100% grain spirit makers. It was founded in Georgia and comes in 6 flavors namely-berry, lime, caramel, green apple, orange. It is popular for the neutral taste.

Wodka Gorbatschow

This has it’s production in Germany and comes in the flavors- vanilla, orange, green apple along with the regular flavor. It is extremely popular in Germany and the best part is the premium quality along with the mild yet balanced taste.


This is one of the most popular Vodka is in America and is made to go through triple distillation and filtered 10 times before being served. The flavored version contains gluten but the regular Smirnoff without any flavor is gluten-free and prepared with corn. There are over 39 flavors of this available globally.


This is available in 3 flavors and is little on the expensive side. It is known for its smoothness and has a great taste.


This is ranks 3rd when it comes to alcoholic brands globally. It is available in over 126 countries and is known for its smoothness. This vodka comes in 27 flavors and the packaging is extremely attractive.

Grey Goose

This drink was originated in France and falls in the high-end category. This is a pricy drink however the taste makes every penny worth it.

Red Bliss

All through the history of best vodka brands, this drink has overseen to implant itself into the culture and way of life of numerous countries around the world. Refined five times, this vodka is delivered by a recently propelled Indian brand called Hermes. Ruddy euphoria stands out from all the vodka brands accessible in India since of its unmatched virtue, flavor as well as smoothness.

Wyborowa (Pernod Ricard)

Another best Vodka that's made accessible in India is Wyborowa. Accessible in India and 70 other countries Wyborowa is a Polish brand and is showcased by Pernod Ricard. Only made of Rye developed in Poland this vodka is created utilizing abilities that are in utilize for over five centuries. A striking highlight that made this vodka a really uncommon one is Wyborowa is totally free from any counterfeit colorants and other related fixings.


This is one of the oldest Russian Vodka that is being sold globally. This is available in the posh liquor stores and exclusive hotels.

Ketel One

Refined from 100% wheat in copper pot stills, the generation of this Dutch vodka goes back to 1691. A fresh, clean and exceptionally unbiased profile and fair the slight imply of lemon makes this an awesome tasting drink, in a perfect world delighted in slick or sprinkled over ice.


An unused kid on the square that has gotten to be very the religion classic, this Russian vodka is interests refined from grain malt and flavored with fair a imply of nectar and oats. Idealize for drinking straight, this drink is broadly matched with caviar for a coordinate made in paradise.


This fine vodka is prepared by distillation from French grapes and has a sweet taste to it. This has a coconut and a pineapple range which are very popular for the flavors.


Made from the finest grain and unadulterated frosty spring water, this Scandinavian vodka makes for an incredible martini and could be a bar favorite. The classic packs in unobtrusive vanilla and citrus notes, but get the lime version that contains a delicate scent and a really reviving taste.


This drink is free of gluten and based on grains. This undergoes distillation seven times and gives the best taste.


This drink is imported from America and can be enjoyed as shots and also when served as a cocktail. It also comes in other flavors like cranberry & orange.