Everything You Need To Know About The Top Brandy Brands In India

26 Jun 2020 | Home > Blog

McDowell’s No. 1

McDowell's No.1 is the best brandy brands in India. It was the primary McDowell's No.1 branded product and was propelled within the 1960s. It has a great aroma and the taste is one of a kind and that’s the reason it has the maximum market share of 51% and is the world’s bestselling brandy brand. This brandy has 42.8% alcohol content.

Mansion House

Mansion house is one of the most popular brands in the country. Its headquarters is in Mumbai and is loved in the southern zone. The best part about this drink is that it is reasonable and also has smoky notes which are enjoyed by the mass. This brandy has 42.86% alcohol content.

Honey Bee

This brand comes under United Spirits and has a smooth texture containing honey, which gives it a sweet taste. If you are looking at good quality brandy at a reasonable price then this is the drink for you! This brandy has 42% alcohol content.


This amber-colored drink is considered as one of the best in India. It is fermented in oak barrels and is of good quality. This drink is distilled and comprises of sugar can and pure vegetable extracts. It has rich caramel notes with a slightly sweet taste. This brandy has 38% alcohol content.

Old Admiral

This comes under a Delhi based manufacturing firm- RadicoKhaitan. It was also awarded a silver medal at Monde Selection 2008(Belgium) for its excellence. It has received a brilliant response in India and is one of the most preferred brandy brands. This brandy has 40% alcohol content.


Created by Richard Hennessy this is the best-selling cognac brand globally. This is preferred by high-class society and has a great taste. Hennessy is based out of Ireland and was first in production in the 18th century. This brandy has 40% alcohol content.

Remy Martin

This has French roots and came into existence in 1744. It can be called one of the largest cognac producers and the best in India. The drink is matured for over 10-37 years and uses traditional techniques for distillation in copper stills while maturing happens in oak barrels. It has a wide range- Remy Martin VSOP, CLUB, etc. This brandy has 40% alcohol content.


This brand comes under the Beam Suntory Group and is one of the most popular brands in India and also finds a place in the top 4 cognac producers globally. Courvoisier has a fruity taste and smells of spring flowers. It was also awarded 'Prestige de la France' for the quality of products it offers. This brandy has 40% alcohol content.

John Exshaw

This beverage is produced in France and has a rich fruit flavor to it. This is in demand in big occasions or get-togethers. It is found in maximum bars and is known for its fine quality. This brandy has 40% alcohol content.

Golden Grape

This drink has a good mix of fruits that’s the reason it’s loved by all. It is a reasonable option for different occasions and the variation in texture and taste makes it more appealing. This brandy has 40% alcohol content.